apartment, small


school of the built environment


amagansett back yard



phase 2: tiny patio

hartsfield-jackson altanta

CCS Architecture

fire orb mobile hearth

CCS Architecture
completed 2013
Best of Year- Accessories
Interior Design Magazine 2013

chelsea studio

CCS Architecture
completed 2012

overlook: living room detail

design-build work
completed september 2011

overlook: terrace detail

design-build work
completed august 2010

gradient house

academic project
spring 2011

nesea building technology museum

academic studio
spring 2009

springfield: pynchon park intervention

academic studio
spring 2010

allard farm multi-use proposal

academic collaborative studio
team: parker hoar robert dimock
fall 2009

mobile reserve library

weekend design-build
team: jean li alec zebrowski
january 2009

architect's workstation

digital cockpit +
electronics cartridge
with Jean Li

veneto experience

m.i.t. summer program 2009
instructor: shun kanda

overlook house

renovation of new england contemporary
2 additions + garage
completed 2011

overlook final

design-build renovation
completed october 2011